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Vacation House Rental Thailand

Avoid vacation rental nightmares with these simple tips


Vacation House Rental Thailand

The vacation rental is not a hotel. That may be the biggest mistake travelers make thinking their rental will be just like a hotel. It isn’t. The second biggest error? Wiring money. Never, never ever wire money to a homeowner or rental manager.

You never know if the person is the real owner or not and once the money is sent, it’s gone forever. Another common problem? Failing to research the property. The property description on an official rental site is often filled with hyperbole. Don’t rely on just one source when you’re shopping around for vacation rentals.

Consult independent reviews and pick up the phone and speak with the owner or manager before you sign any contract. And finally, always, always read the contract before signing. Again, a home rental isn’t a hotel and certain terms and conditions may apply that you won’t find at any hotel.

A professionally managed rental is handled by a management company. You can pay by credit card and their contracts are fairly standard. There’s also a 24-hour customer service contact in case something happens while you’re renting. Some higher-end rentals also offer a concierge service for restaurant reservation events.

Above all, a professional managed will come with a baseline level of services such as professionally clean properties, towels, linens, and a guarantee that everything will be in working order when you check in. An independent homeowner may also offer rental. That owner is responsible for maintenance, upkeep, and any customer service aspect of your rental.

Service and amenities may vary. Don’t expect any 24-hour hotline or concierge service although owners are typically very responsive to their customers. So I choose a by-owner rental. Their price is often considerably less than a professional rental. Send us your travel questions.

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